A Realtor Extraordinaire: Seamless Transitions and Lasting Friendship!

It's not every day that you find a realtor who not only excels at their job but also becomes an
even closer friend through the journey of buying and later selling a home. Our experience with
Lisa Schulstad was nothing short of exceptional, and we couldn't be more grateful for the
seamless transitions and lasting friendships that emerged from the process.

From the very beginning, Lisa impressed us with her professionalism, knowledge, and genuine
enthusiasm for real estate. Her in-depth understanding of the local market was evident during our
home-buying phase. Lisa took the time to truly comprehend our needs, preferences, and budget,
ensuring that every property she showed us aligned with our vision for our perfect home. Patient
and attentive, Lisa never pressured us into making hasty decisions, always emphasizing the
importance of finding a place that felt just right for our family.

When it came time to sell our home and relocate to another city, Lisa again demonstrated a level
of dedication and expertise that went above and beyond our expectations. She orchestrated a
strategic marketing plan that showcased our property's unique features, leveraging her network to
generate substantial interest. The result? A quick and profitable sale that made our move much
smoother than anticipated!

Her unwavering commitment to her clients' satisfaction sets Lisa apart. Throughout the entire
process, Lisa was a constant source of support, offering guidance and reassurance during the
inevitable stresses of buying and selling a home. Her attention to detail, from coordinating
inspections to negotiation(s) was impeccable, showcasing a mastery of the real estate landscape
that inspired confidence at every turn.

In Lisa, we found not only an exceptional real estate professional but also a friend who made a
significant impact on our lives during a pivotal moment. We wholeheartedly recommend Lisa to
anyone in need of a realtor who combines unparalleled expertise with a genuine, caring
approach. With Lisa, you're not just getting a real estate agent – you're gaining a trusted partner
for your journey home!

Woodlief Family

The value that Lisa provides as a realtor is exceptional.

The transaction of both selling my home and purchasing a new one could not have gone more smoothly. The level of preparation behind Lisa’s flawless execution was so reassuring to me. When I had a question, she was prepared with an answer. Lisa was always a step ahead, and so I was always prepared for the next steps in the buying and selling process. Lisa listens. She knew what I wanted in a new home, and she helped me find it within two days. Lisa is a part of my home buying story, and if the need to buy and sell arises again, she will be my realtor again. Thank you, Lisa. You indeed are called to what you do, and the passion you have to put people in homes shows in how you treat your clients. I am grateful to be one of them.

Cathy D. Baker

Lisa was with us every step of the way.

Quick to respond and truly cared that we found a great house that was perfect for us! Highly recommend!

Allison of Lake Royale

Lisa is the best.

Our process to find the right home was long and winding. At every step, Lisa was patient, thoughtful and informed. We always appreciated her advice and insight. Ultimately, she is a big reason that we finally got it right.

Russell of Anderson Heights

Lisa Took EXTRA Time to Explain the Entire Process

Lisa worked with me for almost a year and a half during the crazy real estate market of 2021/22. She was always very professional, transparent, and ready to answer all questions. As a first time home buyer, she took extra time to explain the entire process to me as well as the extraordinary buying environment in very clear terms. I would recommend her to anyone needing to buy or sell a home!

Amanda of Durham, NC

An Excellent Negotiator

We highly recommend Lisa! She brokered the purchase of two houses for us in North Raleigh and did an excellent job negotiating each one. Lisa knows her business and goes above and beyond to make the process as smooth as possible.

Mel of Traemoor Manor-Raleigh,NC